so what's the deal with all the old posts?

 Xerta,  zuletzt bearbeitet: Wed, 21 Mar 2018 00:07:51 +0100  
Why, oh why, oh why are all my old posts appearing in your timeline? As one of the last people on earth to running a RedMatrix instance I have been slow at Hubzilla adoption. Not for any other reason than I already work to hard, sysadmin makes my head hurt and RedMatrix still works brilliantly.

But Parlementum (where my clone is) is closing down and I have received enough kicks in the arse now to make the Hubzilla happen. Unfortunately I suspect there are too many database changes between latest RedMatrix and Hubzilla to make a cloning to my new instance successful. So I am making sure that all my stuff is on Parlementum and using that export to clone to my new instance.

So, tough ;-)
the spamming is fine :) it's more  about doing away with headaches innit ... some times i have felt secretly relieved when loosing some kind of massive archives of information ...
Hoping for the rebirth of the #eggcount
regarding database changes ,,, had the same problem . but set this hubziilla instance up a while ago ...

though up until only a couple of weeks ago the old red instance here was also still working...

before the big server crash (not red or hubzilla related .. only clues I found were a few lines in syslog which looked like a hardware problem - followed by mysql errors that looked like it was having trouble reading the hard drive ,,,

if it was hard drive failure not the first time that happened to me .. but given that was 15 yeas sgo not looking like "often" or wierd more like just "shit happens". ..

that vps wouldn't restart so now on a new debian 9 vps slowly putting things back together ..

getting the hubzilla instance back up was nice and easy btw..
just copied across the files across from the old debian 6 drive and and it pretty much just worked
including the database (nice feature of myisam :-))  ..  probably not the recommended way but quck and more up-to-date data than I could get from a few-days-old
backup files that would have taken ages to upload .. and it being mysql on the old vps and mariadb on the new one didnt matter ,
no signs of trouble there..

so pretty much copied it all across and it just worked ..

wishing more other things could more often be that easy :-)

I havent restored the old red instance though probably not harder to do probably not needed as I've been using the hubzilla instance more for a while now anyway.
(probably due for an update soon though)